Healthy Curves Count

I am Rebeckah Wilhelmina founder of Healthy Curves Count.  We are building a community of support to encourage all women to be Strong, Powerful, and Embracing of themselves unconditionally and loving themselves in the NOW…

We invite you to join your community and embrace “Healthy Curves Count”

Learn to stop comparing two bodies that were never meant to be the same

Rebeckah Wilhelmina

I’m sure all of you are Curious to know why I started the brand, “Healthy Curves Count”

and how “I Found a way Out”!

After winning my Journey and beginning a new life on my own terms,  I wanted to share my story to help and empower other women to discover their own self-love and self-acceptance by living their happy life NOW. I’m passionate about empowering all women to love themselves in the NOW!  

What do I mean by NOW?  NOW is the day you Have, Yesterday is Gone and Tomorrow

Is Not here!  Live in the Now!!! Live your own kind of beautiful NOW and live Your best life NOW because if you wait for that perfect day, trust me,  it will never come.

We all tend to place RoadBlocks in front of our Happiness, Healthiness, and Successes that we deserve and desire to have. I want to share all my fears, challenges and obstacles that I faced as an obese young child all the way and into being an adult woman.  My story can be found in my Book, Healthy Curves Count.  How I changed my Mindset, Lost 400 pounds and FOUND A WAY OUT!

I want to inspire other women to overcome their challenges and help them FIND THEIR OWN WAY OUT!

What I found was you don’t need to be Skinny/Slim/Slender or Thin to be a success in your own Body, Mind, and Spirit. In my Journey, I realized that there is no difference from how a size 0 feels to what a size 4x feels in our minds that…..


I am here to proclaim that as women we are all unique, we are all beautiful and we should all love ourselves as we are right NOW.

As curvy women, we are all worthy.  

Curvy Women Count … We all count!

Join us in your Amazing Transformational  Movement!  “HEALTHY CURVES COUNT”.

Loving You,

Rebeckah Wilhelmina


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My Y?  Why Healthy Curves Count

I founded Healthy Curves Count as a Transformational Coaching Company designed to empower women in overcoming obesity, abuse and other roadblocks in their lives though our workshops, retreats and motivational speaking events along with products.  I wanted to share with women around the world that if I can do it they can do it too. Through Self love, embracing a life in the NOW and defining there inner and outer beauty that they too can transform their life.

The Purpose in my life is to empower women and take a stand against the negative stereotypes that the media and society has imposed on women who are plus, curvy, thick or voluptuous sizes. The reality is that statistics in America show that about 50 million women are considered overweight or obese.  That’s approximately 3 out of every 5 women. In addition, there are approximately 13.7 million children considered overweight. I understand because I was in that number and after losing 400 pounds I realized we can’t all be skinny, slim, slender or thin which is the standard for beauty today that the mass media projects on what is beautiful. They have dictated the criteria and the standard of what they believe is the only form that Beauty can be!

I asked myself, am I alone or are there other women like myself facing similar challenges?

Then I realized that over 74 percent of women in America face these daily challenges.  We are a community that is in the majority of the population of women and not the minority!  We need to empower ourselves and redefine beauty by our own standards.

We need to take back control of the definition of what it means to be beautiful!

Being “Body Shamed” my whole life until about 2 years ago, I always felt like clothes shopping was horrific … going to the very corner of the department store just to find my size under a big “PLUS SIZE”  sign. I want to redefine our standard of what it means to be beautiful and attractive empowering our community that has historically had a derogatory and demeaning descriptor leading to the creation of inferiority complexes in women and children who are overweight and obese. This has led to body shaming and in some cases even suicide amongst teens and adults. There is a crisis in America and up to this point there has been a stigma around body size and clothing size. We have to work together to change the perception of what it is to be Beautiful on our own terms!

Statistics say that the majority of the population in America is facing weight or health challenges. My story is to help inspire those individuals to make the changes needed in their life defined by success on their own terms. We should feel great and be proud of ourselves, taking control of our own images of what defines and what it means to be Beautiful Women living in the NOW!!!

I am Rebeckah Wilhelmina founder of Healthy Curves Count.  We are building a community of support to encourage all women to be Strong, Powerful, and Embracing of themselves unconditionally in the NOW…